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Sports Properly Directed: Excellence In Sport

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Sports Properly Directed Sports Properly Directed

Whether court, field, track, or trail, sport improperly directed inevitably leads to negative results. Sport Properly Directed (SPD) is an on-campus movement, aimed at helping student-athletes appreciate the value of sport’s full potential by teaching a certain, specific definition of sport and then reinforcing it continuously to ensure that sport is directed toward a higher purpose.


SPD defines sport as competition; when two people engage in competition, they agree to an unspoken contract that:

1. They will abide by the same rules of the game.  And, 

2. They will provide the best challenge possible for their opponent. 

By the nature of this definition, respect is inherent to the essence of sport.  Respect, repeatedly practiced, becomes a good habit, which is the definition of virtue. Therefore, this movement coincides with the mission of the school and in particular the BAC athletic department, in that the mission encourages its students and student-athletes to be virtuous. Likewise, this movement allows coaches to teach their athletes, through their sports, to be virtuous by being respectful.

SPD has set forth four Categories of Reinforcement: Develop BAC Identity & Culture of SPD; Enhance Sport Performance; Outreach & Service; Build SPD awareness.

Some of the reinforcements SPD has already implemented include Prayer before all competitions; the Crusader Sport Section; a Bulletin Board in the Caf for game, Sports events, and SPD news awareness; Seasonal Sport Recognition; and, the SPD Facebook page. For more information, like SPD on Facebook, or contact Clare Stella (angelinacstella@abbey.bac.edu) or Coach Ali Bahr (alibahr@bac.edu). 

YOU CAN: SHARE Ideas—if you see a need that could be filled, e-mail us, or come by our offices (located at bottom of stairs in The Wheeler Center) and we will fill out an SPD Action Plan Sheet with you. GIVE Feedback—if you have any constructive criticism for improving a current SPD project, do not hesitate to let us know. JOIN an SPD Action Group—our projects are only accomplished through people in the Action Groups. SUPPORT the Movement—practice your sport in this way and let it spread to every aspect of your life.  Put this movement on your prayer list, and please be our free publicity. ATTEND an SPD Meeting—at the monthly meetings you can do all of the above and stay up to date on the latest accomplishments of SPD.


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